28 best varieties of tomatoes for outdoor use

28 best varieties of tomatoes for outdoor use

Tomatoes are grown everywhere, in most regions of our vast country. The only exception is the extreme north. Only now it is not always possible to cultivate this culture in the open field. Although it is this method of growing that has huge advantages and makes it possible to collect the most useful and tasty fruits. They differ in taste from tomatoes grown in greenhouse conditions, outperforming the latter. The mass fraction of nutrients is also much higher in these varieties than in those grown in the greenhouse.

The best varieties of tomatoes for open ground

Which tomato is best for outdoor use? It is impossible to give a definite answer to this question. Indeed, in each category and for each region of Russia there are favorites.

In the open field, you can grow the entire range of tomatoes: determinate and early ripening, popular ultra-early and super-early, from low to high. They also differ in taste, color, aroma, chemical composition, juiciness, etc. Owners of even the smallest plots of land try to plant at least a little tomatoes on them.

The best early varieties

Early tomato varieties are the most common. They can be found at every summer cottage or garden. It is not surprising that this variety already has favorites that have won the trust and love of most gardeners.


An early versatile variety, whose tomatoes are excellent for both preservation and fresh consumption. The fruits have a rounded shape, when ripe, their color is deep red. Their weight ranges from 55 to 124 grams.

The taste is very high. The yield is quite high, they tolerate transportation well.

Fruiting and ripening amicable. Marisha was bred at the North Caucasian Research Institute of Horticulture and Viticulture.


Bred at the Vavilov Institute. An early variety, the fruits of which begin to ripen within 3 months after germination. The height of the bush is no more than 70 cm, compact. Tomatoes are plum-shaped, their weight is 80-90 grams. The skin is dense, the color of a ripe tomato is red-orange.

The taste is good, the tomatoes are very fleshy and dense. Great for pickling and canning, as well as fresh consumption... The yield is high. The transportation is well tolerated. When bookmarked for ripening, they can persist for quite a long time.


Ripens within 80 days after germination. The height of the bush is up to half a meter, compact. The fruits are tied in any weather, the harvest ripens very amicably. The shape of the tomato is round, slightly ribbed, the weight ranges from 100 to 160 grams.

The color becomes deep red when ripe. Average taste. The main purpose is fresh consumption. Good yield. Poorly transported.


A real favorite of summer residents. One of the advantages of the Sanka variety is that it has undersized standard bushes that do not need a garter. Ultra-early (ripening begins 80 days after germination). Increased cold resistance, a minimum amount of light is required for maturation.

The yield is average. Tomato weighs about 80 grams, deep red color. The surface is slightly ribbed.

The tomato is very fleshy with good taste. Purpose - universal (suitable for conservation and fresh consumption).

Grandma's kiss

It is an early ripe tall tomato that needs a garter. Tomatoes are round, slightly ribbed in shape, weighing from 200 to 500 grams. At maturity, they have a bright yellow color. The taste is excellent, with a light fruity aroma. The fruits are very juicy, can be used both for fresh consumption and for conservation. The yield is very high.

The most productive tomatoes

Owners of small plots dream of harvesting a rich harvest, but at the same time using as little area as possible. That is why they try to choose varieties that will produce a large number of fruits and at the same time have good taste characteristics.


A low-growing variety Stolypin, which bears excellent fruit even in very unfavorable weather. It belongs to the early, resistant to the most common diseases. Due to its increased cold resistance, it forms fruit even in cold and rainy weather. The yield is very high, it is resistant to cracking. Their shape is oval, the mass ranges from 90 to 120 grams.

The skin is very firm and smooth. Ripe tomatoes are usually dark pink in color. The aromatic and juicy pulp provides excellent taste. The purpose is universal: it can be consumed both fresh and used for various types of preservation. It tolerates transportation very well and does not lose its commercial qualities.

Crimson giant

A very large bush with a thick, firm stem. The height reaches 1 meter. It belongs to early varieties with very high yields. After ripening, the fruits do not crack and have very few seeds. The color of a ripe tomato is dark pink, reminiscent of raspberries, its weight can range from 200 to 400 grams.

Taste is excellent, transportation is well tolerated. They are used mainly for fresh consumption.

Mushroom basket

A mid-season variety characterized by a very tall bush. Suitable for lovers of something original and unusual. When ripe, the fruits are bright red in color, with an unusual ribbed shape. Their weight reaches 500 grams. The taste is very good. High productivity. Transportation and storage are well tolerated. Used for table decoration, stuffing, etc.

Puzata khata

An early tall cultivar Puzata khata, which requires a mandatory garter. Fruits resemble a pear in shape, ribbed, when ripe they are red in color. Their weight ranges from 150 to 250 grams. The taste is just excellent, the flesh is sugary. There are not many seeds. The purpose of tomatoes is universal: they are excellent both for conservation and for fresh consumption. Well transported.

The best large varieties of tomatoes

Beautiful large tomatoes cannot but delight the eye. Every summer resident dreams of growing some kind of miracle in his garden beds, which all neighbors will envy. For these purposes, large-fruited varieties of tomatoes are selected that can give record fruits.

Bull heart

It belongs to the most delicious varieties of tomatoes, which, moreover, have gigantic fruit sizes. Characteristics of the Bovine Heart: mid-season, has a large, tall bush that needs a mandatory garter. The same plant can produce fruits of various shapes and sizes.

The largest fruits are formed at the bottom of the bush. Productivity and disease resistance are average. They are well transported. The weight of one fruit can exceed 500 grams, the color at maturity is red. The skin is thin, the flesh is without veins, and there are few seeds. It is used mainly for fresh consumption, but can also be preserved.


An excellent mid-season variety of Orange, characterized by a high content of vitamins. The bush is tall, requires a garter. Fruit weight ranges from 200 to 400 grams, few seeds, very fleshy. It belongs to salad tomatoes, therefore it has excellent taste. Fruits are spherical, in maturity they have a rich orange color.

The fruits of this variety are mainly consumed fresh, suitable for baby and diet food.

King of Kings

Mid-early hybrid with huge fruits (weighing up to 1 kg!). The bush is tall, the clusters are formed as it grows, which ensures a long-term harvest. Fruits are round in shape, red when ripe. With excessive moisture, they are prone to cracking. The palatability is quite good, the yield is high. Seeds are not harvested. Tomatoes for universal use.


A fairly new variety that has already gained some popularity.

  • a bush of medium height, requires a garter;
  • early ripe tomato;
  • fruits are heart-shaped, slightly ribbed, weight reaches 800 grams;
  • when mature, the color of the fruit is bright red.

The taste is excellent. Suitable for all types of preservation and fresh consumption. They are rich in vitamins and nutrients. The Alsou variety is excellently transported and stored, which is an additional advantage.

Honey saved

A tall, mid-season variety with large orange fruits. Fruit weight ranges from 160 to 220 grams. Good taste, sweet flesh. Suitable for fresh consumption and conservation. Fruits have a long storage period, they tolerate transportation well.

The best southern varieties (for the Rostov region)

Tomato varieties for open ground differ not only in terms of ripening, but also in zoning. Even the same variety can behave differently in different regions. That is why, when choosing a tomato, it is also necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the climate. In the south of our country, in the Rostov region, Bashkiria, as well as in the Nizhny Novgorod region, Premium tomatoes and Marshmallows in chocolate showed themselves best.

Marshmallow in chocolate

The main advantage of this variety is its excellent taste. And thanks to the unusual color of the fruits, this tomato has gained additional fans with non-standard preferences. The bushes are quite tall and require a garter. Mid-season with high disease resistance.

Fruit weight is about 120-150 grams, color during the ripening period is red-brown with small stains of a dark green hue. The pulp has a sweet taste, very juicy. There are few seeds.

Tomatoes are poorly stored, they are used mainly fresh. Very high yield.


A very productive and early ripe hybrid with a low bush. Fleshy fruits, their weight reaches 130-140 grams. Their shape is round, in the period of maturity they have a red color. Ideal for processing and canning, fresh consumed after full ripening on the bushes. Fruiting is very amicable, disease resistance is high.

Tomatoes suitable for the Leningrad region

The Leningrad Region has its own peculiarities of growing tomatoes. The damp and cool climate is not suitable for all varieties. The following are recognized as the best for this region.


Mid-season hybrid with medium-sized bushes. The fruits are round and very dense. The mature color is red, the weight reaches 115-140 grams. Very good taste. It is prized mainly for the fact that tomatoes do not lose their commercial qualities over the course of a month and they tolerate transportation very well. Their purpose is universal. Fruits do not crack, disease resistance is high.

Leningrad early ripening

Ultra-early ripening standard variety that does not require pinching. Fruits are small, weighing 50-60 grams, red and round in shape. The taste is good enough, the application is universal. Resistant to cracking and most diseases.

Mongolian dwarf

An unusually early variety Mongolian dwarf with rather small bushes. Their height reaches only 15-25 centimeters. But the fruits are not so small - up to 200 grams. Their color is red, the taste is sweet, juicy.

The yield is simply excellent. Tomatoes are resistant to cracking, disease, transport well.

The use of the harvested crop is universal.


Despite the fact that the variety is early maturing, it is resistant to disease and cold. The plant is a standard plant and reaches a height of no more than 50 cm. It does not need a garter. Fruits are round, not very ribbed, their color is bright red.

Taste at a very high level, the tomatoes are resistant to cracking. Suitable for all types of processing and preservation, as well as for fresh consumption. They are stored for a long time and tolerate transportation well. Fruiting occurs even under unfavorable conditions.


An early ripe standard variety that perfectly tolerates lower temperatures. Fruits weighing from 60 to 100 grams are round and red in color. Taste is very good, suitable for transportation. Intended for fresh consumption.

Self-pollinated tomatoes

In certain conditions, insect pollination is very poor. It is in this case that self-pollinated varieties are a real find.

Eagle heart

A real giant among the tomato, which also has an excellent taste. The yield directly depends on the soil and the quality of the seed. The bush is very powerful. The fruits ripen for a long time.

Temperature drops for this variety are not terrible, it is resistant to diseases. Requires tying. The shape of the fruit is heart-shaped, the weight can reach 1 kg, the color at maturity is bright pink. There are not many seeds, the flesh is sweet and dense. The fruits are very well transported and stored.


The Mikado variety has several varieties that differ not only in the color of the fruits, but also in the timing of their ripening. As a rule, these are early and mid-early tomatoes, the shape of which resembles the cap of the famous Japanese emperor. The bush is tall, powerful.

Fruit weight reaches 250-300 grams, the shape is flat, slightly ribbed. Excellent taste, average yield. It is used mainly fresh, but it is also suitable for processing and conservation.

Monomakh's hat

An early standard variety, distinguished by truly royal fruits. Resistant to many diseases, yields a crop even with a lack of moisture in the soil. Fruit ripening is amicable. Fruits in ripe form have a bright red color, rounded shape, weight reaches 900 grams.Very good taste. Tomatoes are well transported and stored for a long time.

The best low-growing tomatoes

The advantage of undersized tomatoes is that they do not require a garter. It is thanks to this that the majority of summer residents prefer them.

Abakan pink

Refers to medium late varieties, bears fruit for a long period. This is precisely the main advantage of Abakansky over its competitors. The bush is not high, up to 1 meter high. However, the yield remains at a high level.

The weight of one fruit is 250-300 grams, but with good care it can reach 500 grams. The shape of the tomato is heart-shaped, the ribbing is average. The number of seeds is small. They are mainly used for fresh consumption. They are not transported very well.


An excellent variety for regions with short summers.

Early, very productive, small bush. Fruits are small in size (80-100 grams), red and flat-round in shape. Ideal both for fresh consumption and for all types of blanks. Disease resistant. Bears fruit even under unfavorable conditions.


The early standard variety Boni MM has a good yield. Fruits are bright red, rounded, slightly ribbed, weighing 60-80 grams. Resistant not only to diseases, but also to adverse weather conditions. The taste is high. Ideal both for fresh consumption and for all types of preservation.


Late medium-sized Bobcat hybrid with good yields. Resistant to major types of diseases. The variety easily tolerates drought, the fruits have excellent taste, are versatile in use. In mature form, they have a bright red color, rounded shape, weight reaches 180-240 grams. Well transported.

The variety of varieties of tomatoes for open ground is simply amazing. In all the variety, it remains to choose only what suits you, best suits your needs and is suitable for growing in these climatic conditions. You can diversify not only the ripening time, but also the color range of your harvest.

The most delicious varieties of tomatoes

Tomatoes are eaten in any form (pickled, salted as part of various dishes), but the most preferable option is fresh, bulk tomato fruits directly from the garden. Today, the variety of types of this vegetable is so great that sometimes it is very difficult to single out the most delicious varieties of tomatoes. This issue should be sorted out.

Thanks to opinion polls, which were carried out on the Internet, the most delicious varieties of tomatoes were identified. Reviews have shown that many people prefer mid-season and medium-early tomatoes. But among the late varieties, there are also very tasty fruits.

The earliest ripe fruitful tomatoes

Early ripe tomatoes are popular among gardeners - some of them begin to bear fruit as early as 80-85 days after planting... You don't have to wait 4-5 months to enjoy fresh vegetables. Below we will look at the most popular varieties of such tomatoes.

The most "delicious" varieties of tomatoes

The taste of a vegetable is one of the main criteria for choosing a variety. Some tomatoes have a sweet taste, others have a sour taste.... Be that as it may, every summer resident wants to grow the most delicious harvest.

Top 5 most delicious varieties looks like this:

  • Valentine
  • Blagovest
  • Aphrodite
  • Far North
  • Gina.

The sweetest

Lovers of sweet and juicy tomatoes give the palm to varieties:

  • Golden brush
  • Sugar plum raspberry
  • Superstar
  • Sweet bunch
  • Mushroom basket.

The earliest varieties for the balcony and rooms

If you do not have your own plot of land where you can plant tomatoes, this is not a reason to be left without fresh tomatoes.

Many varieties feel great on balconies and in indoor conditions.:

  • Minibel
  • Room surprise
  • Indoor pygmy
  • Snegirek
  • Garden pearl.

Highest-yielding varieties

Will delight you with a rich and stable harvest:

For polycarbonate greenhouses

If you have a polycarbonate greenhouse on your site, then the best "inhabitants" for her will be varieties:

  • Ballerina
  • Gull
  • Riddle
  • Mother
  • Eleanor.

For outdoor cultivation

Perfect for outdoor conditions:

  • Pinocchio
  • Garden pearl
  • Poznan
  • Meal
  • Marisha.

The best self-pollinated varieties

Some tomatoes do not need the "help" of pollinating insectsbecause they are not able to pollinate themselves. This fact greatly facilitates the care of the crop.

Leaders among self-pollinated tomatoes:

  • Dina
  • Persimmon
  • Sweet donut
  • Yellow giant
  • Pink.

For salting

Lovers of canned and pickled vegetables worth paying attention to:

  • Moscow delicacy
  • Wonder of the world
  • De Barao
  • Zlatozar
  • Fun.

The best varieties of tomatoes for outdoor cultivation

Before proceeding with the direct transplanting of tomatoes into open soil, seedlings should be grown. It is necessary to start growing tomato seedlings in early spring. An open ground transplant is recommended in May, when the weather is warm.


This variety is great for open soil and is early maturing. So, with good care, on average, about 11 kilograms of fruit can be obtained from one bush, while the record collection was 13 kilograms. This variety is high-yielding due to its rather high shoots, on which a large number of clusters are formed during growth. At the same time, it is also worth considering that 7 tomatoes can grow at once on one brush, and the mass of 1 such fruit can reach 0.2 kilograms. The red fruits taper towards the tip. The bush of such a plant requires a garter, because under the weight of a large number of fruits, it can break. After the height of the bush is 20 centimeters, it must be tied up for the first time. Tomatoes have a high taste.


This variety is characterized by ultra-early ripening, and it was born relatively recently. So, the first fruits can be seen as early as 75-85 days. The fruits are smooth and rounded. The shoots and leaf plates of these tomatoes are even. The bushes have a small height, namely, about 40 centimeters. In this regard, the plant does not need a garter. The average weight of one tomato is 150 grams. The fruits are strong enough and therefore suitable for transport. During growth, many stepchildren appear on the bush, which must be systematically trimmed. Cut stepchildren can be thrown away, or can be rooted and used as seedlings.

Crimson giant

This variety is not for nothing called the Raspberry Giant, the fact is that the mass of one fruit can reach 0.8 kilograms. Moreover, on average, the fruits of such a plant weigh half a kilogram. Up to 5 fruits are formed on each of the brushes. The formation of brushes, as a rule, occurs through 2 or 3 leaf plates. The gardener may be interested in the question, can the shoots withstand the severity of the fruit? Yes, the stems of the plant do not break, as they have a high strength, which is determined at the level of genes. Round red tomatoes have flattened poles. The fruits of this variety have the highest taste, they are very juicy and sweet. There is a relatively thin peel. The fruits are suitable for both storage and transportation.


It is considered a mid-early variety. In the event that if the plant is properly looked after and placed in conditions suitable for growing, then about 11 kilograms of fruit can be obtained from one bush. Tomatoes of this variety begin to sing in the first days of August.

Unlike other varieties, this tomato grows relatively small, so, on average, their weight is 100 grams. On the other hand, about 20 fruits can grow on 1 brush. The height of the shoots can reach 200 centimeters, in this regard, this plant needs a mandatory garter. This variety is imported. It is originally from Holland, therefore this plant is relatively thermophilic. The fruits are widely used in the preparation of canned food, and they are also an excellent addition to vegetable salad. The shape of the red fruits is round. They can be stored for quite a long time.

The best varieties of tomatoes for open ground

Among all varieties, each gardener singles out the best for himself in some specific quality. For some, this is the ripening period, for some, the yield is most important, and some are engaged in the cultivation of exotic or very large fruits.

Reviews of experienced summer residents and gardeners helped to compile a list of the best varieties of tomatoes for open ground, which are most often grown in the beds of Russia (including in Siberia and the Urals).


This variety is loved for its stability and simplicity. Tomatoes "Sanka" will bring equally good harvest in any area, even with little care. These tomatoes practically do not get sick, they grow up to a maximum of 60 cm in height, so they do not need tying and pinching.

To get about three kilograms from each plant, you just need to water the tomatoes in a timely manner. Even a sudden cold snap or short-term frost will not significantly harm tomatoes. Rounded red fruits will cover the entire small bush.

The taste of tomato is high, which allows it to be consumed fresh, canned or pickled. The small size of the fruit also contributes to the same - the average weight of a tomato is about 100 grams.

Another advantage of the Sanka variety is its high ripening rate. Already on the 90th day after sowing the seeds on the bushes, the first fruits will ripen.


The same early maturing and very productive variety. Ranetochka tomatoes do not need complex care and processing, they are protected from most diseases. Late blight is also not terrible for these tomatoes, since they ripen in more than 90 days, so they do not have time to catch the time of the August cold snaps and morning dew.

The plant is a standard type, the bushes are very compact, their height does not exceed 0.5 meters. But on each small bush about 100 small red tomatoes ripen at the same time.


An unpretentious tomato variety for open ground, which is great for Siberia. This tomato tolerates prolonged rains and cool temperatures in summer.

The fruits ripen quickly, the whole process takes no more than 95 days. Bushes are small, not very branched, the height of each rarely exceeds 45 cm. They give consistently high yields of small rounded fruits.


A variety of tomatoes with amazing, perfectly round fruits. The growing season of tomatoes is 90 to 100 days (depending on the region of cultivation). Tomato bushes are compact, standard, rarely reaching a height of more than 0.5 meters.

Ripe tomatoes are colored red, have excellent taste and pronounced aroma. The size of the tomato is medium - the mass ranges from 70 to 90 grams. The fruits are not susceptible to cracking and overripening, so the variety is great for summer cottages, which the owner visits only on weekends.

Whichever type (shade-tolerant, super-determinant, cold-resistant) you choose from the new top tomatoes, after that the main thing is the proper care of the beds and tomatoes (agricultural technology). Because, even with the finest seeds and the most undemanding varieties, you won't get a good harvest without making an effort. It does not matter, open soil or greenhouse, in any conditions tomatoes require care and attention. With constant watering, feeding, picking and processing, you can achieve excellent results in the form of large, juicy and tasty tomatoes. From which you can cook anything - fresh salad, pickling, tomato paste or delicious juice. Any painstaking work pays off, in this case - a rich harvest of useful tomatoes.

Read more about how often you can water tomatoes at the link.

Which variety of tomatoes for open ground is better

Absolutely all varieties of tomatoes for open ground tomatoes are well suited for the southern regions, but in the northern ones, early ripening ones that do not have time to catch frosts feel best. They and varieties with medium ripening periods can be safely planted in Central Russia. Not very fleshy and juicy vegetables are suitable for preservation, and juices and fresh salads, on the contrary, are prepared from soft fruits.

The choice of a particular tomato is also influenced by the type of soil, the purpose of growing tomatoes and their area of ​​application.

  • For heat treatment (in pizza and soups, in second courses) Honey Spas is well suited.
  • In summer salads, the juicy and soft Pink Elephant has proven itself well.
  • For conservation purposes, it is recommended to grow Aphrodite F1 with neat and dense fruits.
  • Those who want to cultivate a vegetable without preliminary preparation of seedlings should pay attention to the Amur bole.
  • Due to its good yield and keeping quality, they planted the Iceberg tomato for sale.
  • If you want to feast on tomatoes until the coldest days, Aswon is a good choice.
  • "Washington" is recognized as universal in terms of cooking, it is equally tasty both raw and thermally processed.
  • For beginners who have just started cultivating this vegetable crop, it will not be a mistake to take a closer look at Agatha.
  • Another salad variety, which has also proven itself well in banks, is the "Appetizing" variety.
  • Those who love sweet and sour tomatoes will appreciate the Roma variety.

Before choosing which variety of tomatoes to buy for open ground, it is worth deciding on the goals and conditions of their cultivation.

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