7 modern varietal dahlias that will turn your neighbors gray with envy

7 modern varietal dahlias that will turn your neighbors gray with envy

New types of dahlias never cease to amaze gardeners with their beauty and sophistication. Modern breeding allows you to cross different varieties and grow new, more delightful flowers.

Variety "Awe Shucks"

Dahlias Ou Shaxx surprise with their originality and sophistication. Petals of a pale pink color, on top of which bright crimson lines are scattered in a chaotic manner. The diameter of the flower rosette reaches up to 10 cm.

This variety was first bred in Origon (USA), on the farm of the Gitts family, who have been breeding and selling dahlias for over 90 years. It is very popular among gardeners, giving the garden more tenderness and sophistication.

Variety "Bonne Esperance" (Bonnie Esperance)

The simplicity and tenderness of the Bonnie Espurence dahlia will allow you to emphasize the lush rosette in other types of flowers growing in your garden.

Petals of pale pink color frame the yellow core. In appearance, the flower resembles a chamomile. The diameter of the rosette is 5-10 cm. The height of the undersized bush reaches only 30 cm, which allows it to be planted together with curb plants for edging the garden.

Variety "Stella" (Stella)

Dahlias Stella belongs to the nymphae class, because the shape of the petals resembles a water lily, a nymphea. Small rosettes of flowers up to 3-6 cm have a bright red color of velvet petals and a yellow core.

The bush grows tall - up to 1.25 m, so it is planted in the center of the garden to attract the eyes of neighbors. The smell of nectar and pollen produced by the plant attracts pollinating insects and bees.

Variety "Border Choice"

This type is great for framing the borders of a garden plot, a border, creating a hedge. Border Choice dahlias have bright red flowers up to 8-10 cm in diameter, collected in a complex rosette in several tiers.

The height of the bush reaches 0.60 m. It belongs to the medium-sized varieties of border dahlias. To create a beautiful fence, several bushes are planted in a row at once.

Variety "Bitsy"

A compact, low-growing plant, reaching a height of only 0.45 m. The bush is abundantly strewn with flowers up to 10 cm in diameter, which from afar gives the impression of a single whole bud. The tips of the almond-shaped petals are painted in a delicate light purple shade, smoothly turning into white, and ending in a yellow-lemon color. The core is closed with lilac, not yet blossomed, petals.

It is better to plant Bitsy dahlias in the foreground so that tall plants do not obscure its beauty. Used in garden decoration for edging flower beds, paths, curbs.

Variety "Red Pigmy" (Red Pigmy)

Red Pigmy dahlias belong to the semi-cactus group because of the pointed petals collected in a single rosette. Flowers of a red hue, reach a diameter of 10-15 cm. The height of the plant is 40-50 cm, which allows them to be planted together with border species.

The peculiarity is its frost resistance. Withstands a drop in temperature to -12 degrees. Blooms profusely until late autumn.

Variety "Prince Charming" (Prince Charming)

Dahlia Prince Charming has pointed white petals that will not leave anyone indifferent. The rosette reaches a diameter of 8 cm, and the bush itself does not exceed 0.6 m. Small growth does not prevent the plant from showing off among the variety of garden flowers and attracting the eyes of neighbors.

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Dahlias (Dahlia) are directly related to the Aster family. This plant is one of the most spectacular and long-flowering flowers that are grown in the garden. Dahlias have a fairly wide palette of colors, and flowers can also have a wide variety of shapes. Their flowering is quite long, which lasts from mid-summer until the first autumn frosts, and this is the most important advantage of dahlias. They came to European countries only at the end of the 18th century from Mexico. Dahlia was named this way only in 1803 by the botanist K. Wildenau. He named this flower in honor of the St. Petersburg resident academician I. Georgi, who was a famous ethnographer, botanist and geographer. There are about 13 types of dahlias, but there are about 15 thousand varieties.

Dahlias Red and White Fubuki

An ornamental tall plant, the bush reaches 100-120 cm in height. Differs in bright strawberry-red inflorescences with white edges. Blooms from July to September. Dahlias varieties Red and White Fubuki unpretentious and at the same time resistant to diseases and pests.

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