Red cabbage and coconut soup, the best organic recipes on our website

Red cabbage and coconut soup, the best organic recipes on our website

Red cabbage and coconut soup: sweetness is a dish that can be eaten hot!

Red Cabbage Coconut Soup is a perfect soup recipe for cold fall or winter evenings. Soup is the ideal dish, the “par excellence” dish for cold periods. It can be served with meat sometimes to add flavor and "a bit of body". It is generally prepared with seasonal vegetables, sometimes vegetables that are a little "tired", this is the option chosen for our recipe for red cabbage and coconut soup… and Pistachio. A red cabbage is big. it is heavy, and can be used for several recipes. The pistachio comes here to add its flavors of course but also to add texture, add crunch.
But not only. to treat us, the flavors of the soup are preponderant of course, but aesthetics are very important. And the role of our pistachio is also to add color, create contrast, attract the eye and make you want to taste. The pistachio, a beautiful bright green, makes a nice contrast to the purple in our red cabbage and coconut soup.
When the "coconut" is there to add flavors, roundness and originality ... A soup soup, it can make a very good meal, when it is accompanied by a good bread (this is rare) and good semi-salted butter. But the soup can be a starter, in the form of an appetizer. It can be offered as an aperitif, in "mini dose", this is perfectly the case with this recipe, with its beautiful colors, the pistachios which bring the crunch ... And its flavors to finish which will not fail to be part of the conversation. !

Does it make you want to taste? Here is the recipe!

Recipe type:

• Aperitif, starter, main course

Number of persons :

• Recipe for 4

Preparation time for the red cabbage and coconut soup:

• 10 minutes.

Cooking time :

• 15 min.

Ingredients for the soup:

• Red cabbage: 1/2
• Onions: 2
• Shallots: 2
• Potato: 2
• Garlic: 1 clove
• Pistachio: 20
• Butter: 30 g
• Olive oil: 2 tbsp
• Coconut cream: 20 cl
• Coarse salt: a pinch
• Salt
• Freshly ground pepper

Utensils for the recipe for red cabbage and coconut soup:

• 1 Large knife
• 1 cutting board
• A wooden spoon
• 1 peeler
• 1 Pressure cooker
• 1 hand blender
• A colander

Preparation of the recipe, red cabbage and coconut soup:

Preparation of vegetables:

• Wash all vegetables well.
• Remove the top leaves of the cabbage if they are damaged.
• Peel the potatoes.
• Cut the cabbage into 5 - 6 cm pieces.
• Peel and finely chop the shallots and onions.
• Peel the ai and mash it with the flat of the knife.
• Remove the shell from the pistachios and crush them

Cooking the red cabbage and coconut soup:

Enter to create more pronounced aromas:

• Heat the pressure cooker over high heat,
• Add the butter and olive oil,
• When the butter no longer foams ...
• Add the onions, shallots, and garlic,
• Let brown for 5 minutes, stirring regularly.
• Add a pinch of coarse salt, pepper ...
• Add the cabbage and potatoes.
• Put the water just to the level, no more ...
• Put the pressure cooker under pressure,
• Leave to heat for 12 minutes from the moment the steam appears.

A word from the amateur cook:

*For this soup, as for the leek and fennel soup, the texture should be favored, and therefore, do not add too much water, even if it means adding more later. And don't forget we still have to add the coconut cream ...

Mix the vegetables:

• Immerse the blender and mix all the vegetables well. Soup with a piece or smooth soup, it's a matter of taste, in fact we leave you to your choice ...
• Taste, adjust the seasoning.
• Add the coconut cream and mix, if necessary with the blender.
• Serve in bowls or soup plates ...
• Add the crushed pistachios on the surface of each bowl of soup ...

It's ready, enjoy!

Wine pairing for the red cabbage and coconut soup recipe:

With this soup, with round flavors, you can look for a white wine that is "round" but not syrupy like a "Gewurztraminer", or a Muscadet, Sèvre and Maine sur Lie Blanc. or a Pessac - Léognan Blanc. Watch out for the fight ...

You can also choose a red wine with character, such as a Fitou Rouge. a Saint Chinian Rouge. a Country Wine from the Hérault Red "

Cheers, in moderation and bon appétit!


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It is a vegetable that is strongly recommended by dieticians and nutritionists for its high content of vitamin C. Cabbage is also recommended for its contribution of vitamin B 1, effective for the nervous system, and vitamins A and E, antioxidants that prevent skin aging and reduce the risk of certain cancers. We also recommend eating cabbage for its intake of minerals such as potassium, and fibers that facilitate intestinal transit.

On the other hand, collard greens are also used for medicinal purposes. It is recommended to treat gastric ulcers, gout, rheumatism ... even alcoholism!

Detox: soups made from foods known for their detoxifying properties

The soups are among the most effective dishes to detoxify the body and revitalize its digestion. “Liquid”, they put less strain on our digestive system which, let's say it, was requisitioned too much during the holidays.

But to maximize their effectiveness and their detox properties, it is necessary to use ingredients recognized for their detoxifying benefits. What are they ?

Green vegetables such as celery, broccoli, leek, or even artichoke have many beneficial properties for our digestive system. Root vegetables, like beets and black radishes, are extremely effective during a detox diet. Also consider adding citrus or turmeric soups to them.

The editorial staff searched the web for gourmet recipes that use these renowned ingredients. Here are 10 detox soup recipes to taste in those first days to make a clean sweep of the past!

Red cabbage and coconut soup, the best organic recipes on our website

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For 10 years, Amandine Geers has hosted with Olivier Degorce, What’s for Dinner, a committed associative structure whose object is information, meetings and exchanges around questions of food and ecology.
Organic cooking workshops, training of school canteen kitchen staff, advice to restaurateurs, they are the authors of several organic cookbooks and host the radio show Les Fans de Radis.

Their approach, without dogmatism but nevertheless sharp, is based on the need to combine pleasure, health and good ecological sense.

Olivier Degorce

For 10 years, Olivier Degorce has hosted with Amandine Geers, What’s for Dinner, a committed associative structure whose purpose is information, meetings and exchanges around questions of food and ecology.
Organic cooking workshops, training of school canteen kitchen staff, advice to restaurateurs, they are the authors of several organic cookbooks and host the radio show Les Fans de Radis.
Their approach, without dogmatism but nevertheless sharp, is based on the need to combine pleasure, health and good ecological sense.

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  • 1 tablespoon of black seed
  • 1/2 teaspoon of paprika
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon of pepper
  • Olive oil


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Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, leek is used by people who suffer from urinary retention. Broth and leek soup are then recommended. In case of constipation, you will notice that the leek acts on the intestine.

Beets help reduce stress and provide a feeling of well-being, and therefore a better quality of life. Its red color offers high amounts of iron and folic acid, which is particularly appreciated by vegetarians and vegans.